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Chiropractic for 
Horse & Rider

Chiropractic for Horse and Rider


At Connected Naturally we offer a unique combination for both horse and rider for optimising health and performance.


Horses do not naturally carry weight on their back and therefore great time and care is needed to develop and strengthen the muscles necessary for the horse to become balanced and be able to support and carry the rider.


A rider that is not balanced can cause an uneven weight distribution over the horse's spine resulting in pain and lameness issues for the horse. Poor, ill-fitting saddles and unnatural hoof mechanics can also lead to back, pelvic and shoulder problems and changes in behaviour.




Core stability and flexibility is essential for balanced riding. Even shoulders and symmetrical pelvic motion creates balance and understanding for the horse. All motion is energy and flows from horse to rider and rider to horse. Any interference and change to this flow affects your unique connection and performance.



Our Spinal Health and Wellness Clinic is situated in the beautiful Blackdown Hills, please click on the link above to book an appointment and learn more about how you can achieve your very best potential in health. Help us to help you to achieve your goals. 


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Whether your horse is a 'happy hacker', or used for dressage, polo or racing, a chiropractic check is vital to ensure your horse is balanced, not in pain and performing to its own capability and unique needs.



Time is what the horse needs most and

your patience is the most precious gift you can give.



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