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Why cats need chiropractic too.


Cats need Chiropractic for many reasons, just like dogs and horses they can put their body out of alignment. Accidents, falling, jumping and landing awkwardly, stress and fighting. Getting caught in small places and trying to lie in a box that is too small for them!




Chiropractic for Cats
Chiropractic for Cats

Cats can benefit from Chiropractic adjustments. 







Many times the symptoms can be subtle but here are a list of behaviours that could mean your cat is in pain and out of alignment:


  • Reluctance to jump

  • Being "lazy"

  • Nervousness

  • Moving slower than usual

  • Limping

  • Reluctance to sit

  • Won't let you touch them whereas before they would.

  • Doesn't like being lifted up

  • Just doesn't seem like their normal self.

Chiropractic for Cats

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