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Optimum Health Posture & Performance


Changes in Behaviour

​Lameness Issues
​Back & Pelvic Problems
​Neck & Shoulder Problems
​Lack of Flexibility
​Muscle Asymmetry


Having that special connection with your animal is incredibly important. I see horses, dogs and cats most frequently and offer a unique combination for both horse and rider. I also work with many other animals including donkeys, rabbits and even elephants!
When your animal is in pain, discomfort or not happy, they do not always know how to communicate this to us and it often leads to changes in their health and behaviour.
I try to be that voice for them by understanding and correcting the cause, leading to a better communication and connection between yourself and your 4 legged family.
The techniques are gentle and the main goal is to achieve natural free movement as nature intended for the health and well being of your animals.

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